Is It More Important To Cut Out Dessert Or Alcohol?

What should one prefer? Alcohol or sweets? This article is intended to make you clear about the pros and cons of consuming the desserts and alcohol. Following are some considerable points and points to remember whenever you are confused to what to consume out of alcohol or a dessert:

The Calorie Content

We start with discussing the calorie content. If you are consuming only one drink containing alcohol a day, then, every time the calorie content of alcohol will approximately be lesser than the dessert.

These beverages containing alcohol will comprise of 100-200 calories in each serving. On the other hand, in each serving of a dessert, there are approximately 500-1000. Obviously, it would make a huge difference in your diet plan. If marinating a healthy body weight is your main aim, and you are having an extravagant assorted cocktail like soda prepared with alcohol, a blender, and sweet liquid, then you could be coming closer to consume about 500 calories in one drink which can be disadvantageous for you. One thing to be noticed is that consumption of alcohol (especially when taken excessively) can reduce your willpower and tend you to consume more calories from food than the suggested one. Therefore, it is of utmost concern to first look deeply to how much amount of alcohol you are going to drink instead of having a dessert.

The Nutritional Content

The nutritional content is also of great significance. In fact, alcohol does not contain any nutrients. Anyhow, you may be getting few of the antioxidants from the grapes from which the alcoholic beverage was prepared.

On the flip side, desserts, in spite of mostly being prepared with butter, sugar, and oil, but it still provides you with the nutrients like essential fatty acids, antioxidants, phytochemicals, carbohydrates, etc.

How Your Body Handles the Calories?

Lastly, another point to be noted is the way of handling such calories by your body. Right after the ingestion of alcohol, oxidation of fat and carb approaches cessation. In this way, the process of burning of fat stops till the excretion or utilization of alcohol which is actually harmful to your metabolism. On the other hand, you might be consuming excessive fat and carbs by eating desserts, but, it will not alter your body’s mechanism related to the oxidation of both the fats and the carbs.


In general, choosing a small dessert over a glass of alcohol is recommended and somewhat healthier for you. In this way, you are avoiding toxicity and staying away from the harmful effects of alcohol to all over your body, as a whole and to your brain and liver functioning in particular. While consuming dessert can lead you to gain some extra weight, which is not that devastating as of alcohol consumption as you can steadily lose those calories and thus maintain your body weight. So, choose sensibly and appropriately and take care of your body as a whole.