Body-Image & Self-Esteem

Body-image is the general mental picture and conviction about how your body looks. In some cases, the way other people judge you and make a comment about your body also affects your body image thus affecting the self-satisfaction and self-esteem to a much significant level.

Self-esteem means how much you like yourself, how much you consider yourself being worthy of others’ care and love and how much you acknowledge your character, qualities, achievements, and procurement. Same as body image self-esteem is also related and based on the idea that you think of it as how others perceive it and how others look at you as a person. Self-esteem is crucial as it exerts influence on our thinking pattern and that thinking pattern could sway our actions.

Which factors affect ones’ body image?

Having healthy self-esteem is very important as it gives the courage, power, and confidence to oneself.  Self-esteem is influenced by puberty, outside influences and families and peer pressure. Self-esteem is developed by a pragmatic and encouraging attitude. So, if one has negative body-image it will definitely affect the person’s self-esteem, and this effect would lead to lowering self-esteem.

Some people grapple with their self-esteem and body image when they are in their teen ages and even later in life because in this time most of the comparison with peer groups and public figures occurs. So, at this time most of the teens develop a high or low in accordance with their positive or negative body image respectively.

Later in life, we are mostly affected by our media figures which become our role models in most of the cases, and if our body image is not according to general perceptions, this surely causes a lowering of self-esteem.

The other most important influential person from whom we are inspired and who affect our life significantly includes our family members. Those family members help us to develop positive or negative body image and thus also affects our self-esteem.

Negative thinking and lowering of self-esteem

Negative thinking perpetuated by some bitter life experience also lowers self-esteem thus leaving us with negative thoughts about body image.

In people, self-esteem is highly dependent upon their body-image because their looks and appearance do affect their self-esteem so much that they cannot free themselves from the negative thoughts aroused by having negative body image.

We are coerced a lot by what we hear and see.  This coercing makes us accustomed to believe that we should look good to be acceptable. This sort of thinking forces us to develop a negative body-image which ultimately leads to low self-esteem.

Tips for developing a positive body image

Here are some tips for developing a positive body image and high self-esteem:

Stay healthy:
Put all of your focus on staying healthy. Staying healthy is more important than looking good so staying healthy would lead to healthier body-image and better self-esteem.

Be unique:

Individuality and uniqueness are the most noteworthy thing about yourself, and this uniqueness should not be devastated by comparing yourself to some bunch of people out there. When a person will do this, it will automatically uplift their confidence and give them positive thoughts about body-image and self-esteem.

Be in charge of your perception:

Your perception of things is the key to all worries about body-image so take a driving seat on the auto of your thoughts and perception and have full control over it. Change your perceptions make them positive and ultimately high self-esteem will be established.