The 9 Best Sweat-Proof Products to Keep in Your Kit This Summer

Ohh !!! Summers are approaching fast, and you are dead scared how you will hold your makeup. Indeed, Summers are the worse time to wear makeup but do not worry as we have something really exciting to tell you. Today we are going to tell you about sweatproof products which will help you in getting that cool and nice look all the time when the mercury takes a high ride this summer.

  1. Invincible setting powder

This is a very little tube which acts as a moisturizer as well as a foundation you’re your skin during summer. It is a sweat proof product which has the ability to de – grease and protects the face.

  1. Special effects long – lasting water resistant lip top coat

By using this waterproof lip top coat, you will get a magical look as for mermaids and unicorns. It completely transforms your lipstick into a shimmery and glittery wonder that too waterproof.

  1. Full lash multi-dimension waterproof mascara

Summers can be scary if you use regular mascara. It can give you the look of a crazy person while your face is covered with streaks streaming down. It is best to use waterproof mascara that gives you an on the go look for everything you want during summer. It gives you a doll-like look for as long as eight hours.

  1. Color paint shadow

You can use cream shadows in summers if your eyelids pop and stay all day like that.

  1. Precise ink metallic liquid liner

Summers are best if you are a fan of metallic makeup. A flawless winged eyeliner can be made by using the metallic eye liquid liner. Trust us; it will give you the cutest and trendy look without making you bother about the sweat.

  1. Kabuki blender

One tip for a no makeup look: maintain your brows and refrain yourself from looking crazy. You can get a waterproof crayon. Fill in the spaces, blend and here you go!!

  1. Lip tattoo

While tattoos look a bit scary thing to do, but this stain like the tattoo is a big hot this season. It gives your lips the best tints for summer and lasts for as long as ten hours.

  1. Waterproof protective under eye concealer

It gives a natural cover for the under eye problems especially eye puffing and dark circles. It fills in the fine lines under the eyes and gives them soft and matte finished look. The eye concealer is recommended for even the hottest days in summer.

  1. Double wear stay in place makeup

It is a matte finish foundation that gives you a velvety touch on hot days. It is oil free liquids that hold back the sweat even during outdoor shoots for models.  Not only models and actresses but every woman who finds it difficult to make their makeup stay will find this double wear the ultimate heaven.

Is It More Important To Cut Out Dessert Or Alcohol?

What should one prefer? Alcohol or sweets? This article is intended to make you clear about the pros and cons of consuming the desserts and alcohol. Following are some considerable points and points to remember whenever you are confused to what to consume out of alcohol or a dessert:

The Calorie Content

We start with discussing the calorie content. If you are consuming only one drink containing alcohol a day, then, every time the calorie content of alcohol will approximately be lesser than the dessert.

These beverages containing alcohol will comprise of 100-200 calories in each serving. On the other hand, in each serving of a dessert, there are approximately 500-1000. Obviously, it would make a huge difference in your diet plan. If marinating a healthy body weight is your main aim, and you are having an extravagant assorted cocktail like soda prepared with alcohol, a blender, and sweet liquid, then you could be coming closer to consume about 500 calories in one drink which can be disadvantageous for you. One thing to be noticed is that consumption of alcohol (especially when taken excessively) can reduce your willpower and tend you to consume more calories from food than the suggested one. Therefore, it is of utmost concern to first look deeply to how much amount of alcohol you are going to drink instead of having a dessert.

The Nutritional Content

The nutritional content is also of great significance. In fact, alcohol does not contain any nutrients. Anyhow, you may be getting few of the antioxidants from the grapes from which the alcoholic beverage was prepared.

On the flip side, desserts, in spite of mostly being prepared with butter, sugar, and oil, but it still provides you with the nutrients like essential fatty acids, antioxidants, phytochemicals, carbohydrates, etc.

How Your Body Handles the Calories?

Lastly, another point to be noted is the way of handling such calories by your body. Right after the ingestion of alcohol, oxidation of fat and carb approaches cessation. In this way, the process of burning of fat stops till the excretion or utilization of alcohol which is actually harmful to your metabolism. On the other hand, you might be consuming excessive fat and carbs by eating desserts, but, it will not alter your body’s mechanism related to the oxidation of both the fats and the carbs.


In general, choosing a small dessert over a glass of alcohol is recommended and somewhat healthier for you. In this way, you are avoiding toxicity and staying away from the harmful effects of alcohol to all over your body, as a whole and to your brain and liver functioning in particular. While consuming dessert can lead you to gain some extra weight, which is not that devastating as of alcohol consumption as you can steadily lose those calories and thus maintain your body weight. So, choose sensibly and appropriately and take care of your body as a whole.


Body-Image & Self-Esteem

Body-image is the general mental picture and conviction about how your body looks. In some cases, the way other people judge you and make a comment about your body also affects your body image thus affecting the self-satisfaction and self-esteem to a much significant level.

Self-esteem means how much you like yourself, how much you consider yourself being worthy of others’ care and love and how much you acknowledge your character, qualities, achievements, and procurement. Same as body image self-esteem is also related and based on the idea that you think of it as how others perceive it and how others look at you as a person. Self-esteem is crucial as it exerts influence on our thinking pattern and that thinking pattern could sway our actions.

Which factors affect ones’ body image?

Having healthy self-esteem is very important as it gives the courage, power, and confidence to oneself.  Self-esteem is influenced by puberty, outside influences and families and peer pressure. Self-esteem is developed by a pragmatic and encouraging attitude. So, if one has negative body-image it will definitely affect the person’s self-esteem, and this effect would lead to lowering self-esteem.

Some people grapple with their self-esteem and body image when they are in their teen ages and even later in life because in this time most of the comparison with peer groups and public figures occurs. So, at this time most of the teens develop a high or low in accordance with their positive or negative body image respectively.

Later in life, we are mostly affected by our media figures which become our role models in most of the cases, and if our body image is not according to general perceptions, this surely causes a lowering of self-esteem.

The other most important influential person from whom we are inspired and who affect our life significantly includes our family members. Those family members help us to develop positive or negative body image and thus also affects our self-esteem.

Negative thinking and lowering of self-esteem

Negative thinking perpetuated by some bitter life experience also lowers self-esteem thus leaving us with negative thoughts about body image.

In people, self-esteem is highly dependent upon their body-image because their looks and appearance do affect their self-esteem so much that they cannot free themselves from the negative thoughts aroused by having negative body image.

We are coerced a lot by what we hear and see.  This coercing makes us accustomed to believe that we should look good to be acceptable. This sort of thinking forces us to develop a negative body-image which ultimately leads to low self-esteem.

Tips for developing a positive body image

Here are some tips for developing a positive body image and high self-esteem:

Stay healthy:
Put all of your focus on staying healthy. Staying healthy is more important than looking good so staying healthy would lead to healthier body-image and better self-esteem.

Be unique:

Individuality and uniqueness are the most noteworthy thing about yourself, and this uniqueness should not be devastated by comparing yourself to some bunch of people out there. When a person will do this, it will automatically uplift their confidence and give them positive thoughts about body-image and self-esteem.

Be in charge of your perception:

Your perception of things is the key to all worries about body-image so take a driving seat on the auto of your thoughts and perception and have full control over it. Change your perceptions make them positive and ultimately high self-esteem will be established.

The Rock Does It Best: Healthy And Fit All Day Long

We all know about the famous Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson who is also known, by his wrestling affiliation, as “the rock.” He is one of those people in the industry that give body goals to all the guys out there. Not once have we seen him unfit and despite aging, he still has maintained the same perfect body shape. So, how does he manage all of that? There isn’t some secret potion that he takes but simply a combination of intense workouts and a healthy diet rich in proteins and vegetables to compliment as well. After leaving wrestling, he joined the movies and surprisingly he has gotten bigger than before. His trainers share some useful points about his daily routine that can help whoever wants to aim for that kind of a body.

His muscles are because of the nutritious diet he takes, his workouts and a couple of supplements. His workout sessions take place for six days a week, and only one day he takes off from the routine. In his workouts, he does cardio which helps him to burn the extra fat that may get in different parts of the body. Cardio is done for about one hour every day and rest of the time is given to do a certain weightlifting exercise for each muscle group. The weightlifting exercise according to the muscle group is divided amongst days below:

  1. Monday: Chest
  2. Tuesday: Legs
  3. Wednesday: Arms and abs
  4. Thursday: Back
  5. Friday: Shoulders
  6. Saturday: Legs

Every day, around seven different exercises are practiced with those specific muscles, and these exercises are all intense, mostly high in weight, so the joints are put in pressure that will eventually help them to grow fast.

Now, since all these workouts are pretty tiring, the Rock needs to take a good amount of all vitamins and proteins to fuel himself. Instead of the usual three meals, he has around six to seven meals that are all full of carbs and protein that give him enough energy for the whole day. To fill for the protein intake, he takes foods such as fish, chicken and egg whites. The meat consumption is more than 3 pounds for each day, and this does not just end here. Throughout the day he takes scheduled protein shakes that help him specifically in the tiring workout routine.

Vegetables are also an integral part of his diet because it gives him all the energy and carbohydrates. He prefers broccoli, asparagus, different salads and a lot of baked potatoes. For the carbs, he takes white rice, along with some healthy curry to give good taste. This is basically an overview of the daily routine that John follows throughout the week. For you to be able to pull off such an impressive body, you need to prepare yourself fully because it is going to take a great deal of both your mental and a lot of physical effort.

Dwayne Johnson Supplements Are The Secret Of His Muscular Body

Dwayne Johnson is a well known name in the world of WWF. It is his muscular body and body strength that has enabled him to win several WWF world championships and various other matches. His muscular body has enabled him to get the offers in Hollywood along with a huge fan following. There are many fans of him who are always in search of his secrets for the muscular body that has made him so attractive. In an interview, Dwayne Johnson has revealed that in addition to the intense workout, there are two great body building supplements which have supported him to get the muscular body. He owes a big thanks to these two supplements, Nitric Max Muscle and Anabolic RX that have helped him to gaining such an attractive physique.

Clinically approved muscle gaining supplements

Dwayne Johnson claimed that he started taking these two supplements after the recommendation from his health and fitness expert. Both of these Dwayne Johnson Supplements are clinically proven to reduce the content of body fat and help the body to gain the muscles.  With the help of these supplements, the body fat is melt at an unimaginable rate. These supplements enhance the supply of protein in the body which is the body building compound of the body.

There are many athletes who consume steroids for gaining a muscular body. But this actor turned athletes to use the body building supplements as an alternative for steroid. The reason why these two supplements are used as steroid alternatives is that unlike steroids, these supplements are neither addictive nor they have any kind of side effects on the body.

The powerful energy booster

Nitric Max Muscle is a great supplement for muscle building. It helps in flushing out the toxins from your body which helps you to enhance your energy level. Improved energy level gives you the confidence to work out more and develop the great physique. It also helps in enhancing your metabolism level which makes you feel rejuvenated and energized for a long day work. In addition to these, Nitric Max Muscle helps in reducing the recovery time so the problems like sore muscles and body pain are eliminated within no time.

Anabolic RX is a Dwayne Johnson supplement which helps in enhancing the muscular strength. It acts as a natural energy booster and helps in enhancing the muscle endurance. It also helps in increasing the sexual stamina which helps the consumer to feel less fatigue.

Easy to take

Dwayne Johnson takes these supplements and recommends the same to the other celebrities because of its great benefits on the body. These supplements are very easy to take which adds another reason for which Dwayne considers these supplements a great way to gain muscular body.  These are available in the form of pills and you are needed to take one pill for each of these supplements twice a day.

Work out immediately after or before taking these pills should be avoided. It will enable the pills to work better on the body. Preferably, these pills should be taken in the morning and in the night. Along with this, you can stick to your normal low fat diet.